Wonder Woman Bracers

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While these polished stainless steel and brass Wonder Woman Bracers [might] not be able to summon explosive blasts, they will make you feel like the powerful Wonder Woman you are.

The striking shine, rigidity, and strength of metal makes these Wonder Woman Bracers some of the most accurate recreations of the cuffs worn by Gal Gadot in "Wonder Woman" and "Justice League". They can also be used to protect yourself from a knife attack (while they will likely prevent a knife from cutting your arm, please don't actually try to fight Ares, knives, or any other bad guys using these. They are for cosmetic purposes only... ;)

This piece is great for flexing on other Wonder Woman cosplayers (who do they think they are, don't they know you are the one true Wonder Woman) or as a decorative sculpture. Each piece is hand cut, etched, and shaped to make an extremely realistic looking prop. These bracers stay in place easily due to the sturdy yet flexible nature of steel, as well as the two leather straps with button clasps. There is a thin black foam lining for comfort.


1. I adjust the size of each bracer to personally fit each Wonder Woman, so please measure your forearm length, wrist circumference, and forearm circumference and select the closest measurements in the variants offered*. To take accurate measurements please follow the guide (last picture) and the following instructions. Start with your arm in a similar right angle position as the guide (such as the armrest of a chair) with your horizontal palm facing up. Place a ruler in the crook of your elbow and starting at 2 in, measure your forearm to 0.5 in from the crease of your wrist. Keeping a knowledge of where 0.5" in from the crease at the start of your hand is, wrap a cloth measuring tape** around your wrist. Then measure the circumference of your upper forearm 2" from the inner elbow.

**To measure forearm and wrist circumference without a cloth measuring tape, print out a 'paper ruler' or use a thin piece of paper or non-stretchy string and wrap it snugly around the required areas, marking where the end of the paper or string overlaps. Then simply lay it out next to a ruler.

***If need be, the finished product can also be further adjusted using firm but gentle pressure to slightly adjust the shape. If you need a custom size please contact me beforehand. ***

2. To maintain quality and due to the complex process of fabricating my art, each piece is made to order with my current production time at 4-6 weeks. Please take this into consideration when ordering. However, if you need the bracers by a certain date I do offer rush processing for extra. Please contact me beforehand if this is the case!

3. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all!